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Every person has their own wedding day, which is a very important day. What does the person who marries them think for them? What does a good person have? There are qualities that should be in a person. Thinking from the Both End. There were a little excitement and a lot of fear for marriage. But if we think about it in the present date, it was also a fun day and there were joy and a challenge for us whether we will be successful or not.

But as time goes on, the effort to be successful and move forward grows After four years of my marriage, the fifth year has come to an end, but I still remember that I was very confused about my wedding dress, what kind of dress should I shop for? Or have to wear a very expensive dress? Or will the dress I choose suit me? A lot of questions were running in my mind and I saw everything in a big shop in Ahmadabad, in the exhibition, an online wedding collection but I didn’t see anything like it anywhere. And not able to choose something for me.

Participated in my relative exhibition in a big club in Ahmadabad, he had a jewelry shop for 10 days. He called me and asked me to see if you want to do some shopping for marriage or if you want to see it.

 It is a very good item, whether you want to take it or not, you also want to see it. If you want to do shopping, you can get an idea. I went to the exhibition with my sister-in-law and seen a lot of new collections. Some of them were worth shopping for.  Some of them were fine, some of them were expensive. I was confused about whether to buy those or not. Then we saw in many other shops. There is a Stall of big designer bridal suit (The Pink Mirror) shop in Calcutta. I had a visit.  The collection of wedding dresses was very nice. Now there was confusion as to which dress to choose.

I took a lot of time and finally chose a dress but it didn’t have the color I wanted. I need in red, green and cream

The color was eye-catching and the dress was available in Blue, Pink, and Golden. Did I ask the owner of the shop to make me this dress in my favorite color?

So he said yes but said that it will take a little team as there is a lot of hard work in this so it will be like 1 month.  And if you will deposit half payment then we will start making the dress.

Even after seeing the public review, I felt everything was ok, so my sister-in-law and I placed an order. I was anxiously waiting for my dress when 1 month is over and I get my dress. If my dress didn’t come after a month, I started getting tense. If I gave another number, I would not have received a call which Number is given on their card.


I tried a lot on both the numbers that day. So my relative called me at the exhibition, he called me, he told me don’t worry, they are a good name they are not fake designer, in Kolkata, they are trustworthy, if you wait for a little, I will get a call from another reality and He said sorry that we could not deliver your dress on time. As there is still some work and finishing left in the lehnga and dupatta, it will take another 10 days. I did not like it.

but I had no option but to disobey him So I told her OK but not more than 10 days, I have 15 days left of my wedding, I have to match their ornaments, so I told her ok.

So after 10 days and sent me a dress at my address and I did the rest the payment was sent to the given account number.

When I opened my dress, I liked it a lot because it was something new and not common in the market and I managed to change the color of the risk I had taken.

The green and baby pink color flower work and golden colorwork and the dupatta whole bottle with green color is golden work.

When I saw the dress Perry, it looked so cool that everyone in my house was looking in the mirror. My eyes did not look away from the mirror. Then the matching this dress I wore Kolhapuri shoes. I went back to the market for those shoes.


I sewed a purse to match the dress and also took the bangles. Finally, my wedding dress and its matching item were found and my wedding dress was ready.

Even after four years of my marriage, I still am very happy to see the wedding dress.


I like the Anarkali dress Also you can check my blog post related anarkali dress Here. Please comment below how you like my wedding dress as well as Anarkali dress Article.


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