Anarkali dress history to current

Anarkali dress is a combination of salwar kameez from the earlier Mughal period. This dress is very popular in our country India and other South Asian countries. Named after the Mughal Empress Anarkali, the word Anarkali means a delicate bud of a pomegranate tree.

Over time, the pattern in Anarkali dress gradually changed and became more prevalent.

Anarkali dress was more popular in South Asian countries. There both men and women wore Anarkali dresses but the structure and pattern of their dresses were different.

The top of the salwar kameez is round, loose, and very long and the bottom salwar is tight and narrow. Anarkali dress is very popular in many cultures all over the world.

There is a lot of use these days with new styles like a sleeveless, full sleeve, neck pattern, top front design, etc. All these varieties came from North India. It came from the Northern India style Punjab.

Anarkali dress is made of long and frock style Anarkali dress is a combination of a flowing loose kurta and a tight-fitting churidar. In Anarkali dress, women look very beautiful and royal.

The pomegranate-Pomegranate flower is known for its beautiful beauty and color.


According to a legend, Anarkali stunned everyone, especially Prince Salim, who was Akbar’s son. But the story ended tragically. However, his love and his attire became immortal. And that was the beginning of the Anarkali dress. And who can forget the Anarkali character played by Madhubala in the present date.

Tailors in ancient times were famous for their fabric weaving and it is sold all over the world. In ancient times, women wore Anarkali dress. Because it is made of elegant fabric material and men are also attracted quickly. Anarkali dresses are widely worn at festivals and occasions. There is a demand for different types of embroidery and stitch dresses.

Different ways of wearing Anarkali dress

  • Anarkali dresses with V-neck design will look better on girls with low height and girls with medium height. And girls with long height will look great if they select any design.
  • Knee-length dresses will look good on high-height girls, and low-height dresses will look good at lengths just below the knees.
  • Heavy Anarkali dresses don’t have any special accessories but yes, heavy ethics earring looks cool.

Variety of dress and its trend

Anarkali dress can be worn everywhere if it has the right design and the right stitch.

Anarkali dress is heavy as it has a lot of embroideries and if it is all bright colors, it will look good at a wedding or any other occasion. It gives a very stylish look in a wedding ceremony.



In some cotton clothes, it is comfortable to wear and in some places, it gives comfort even while traveling.

Then silk material Anarkali dresses can be worn on small and big occasions. It gives a different look.

Anarkali dress is also in competition with other dresses in today’s time. Even the dress of such an ancient time is very much in trend in the market today.

It changes a lot from time to time but its craze and popularity do not go away

Currently, many types of Anarkali dresses are being sold such as Salwar-Kameez Anarkali, Floor-Length Anarkali, Palazzo Anarkali, Jacket Style Anarkali, Layered Anarkali, Gown Style Anarkali, and Churidar Anarkali. Fabrics like chiffon, georgette, cotton, and crepe work best for you. Layered or Anarkali suits with jackets are also ideal for you.


Anarkali suit is open and comfortable so we can stay free. Although comfortable, this dress also looks elegant, due to its appropriate length and change of style over time, it is at a high place in the fashion industry today.

It is also okay to wear an Anarkali suit regularly as it does not cause any problem. It is also convenient to wear. Working women can also use this dress regularly.

The Anarkali suit has contrasting colors and features. As the top is in a different color and the bottom churidar and dupatta are the same color and for this reason, it looks different than other dresses and has a surprising effect. Embroidery and decoration also make the look of the suit very nice and heavy.

Nowadays, Anarkali dress dominates the fashion world. Anarkali keeps the balance of its tradition and modernity intertwine. Due to the growing demand, it has become a favorite traditional attire for women of all ages and people look gorgeous in such Anarkali dress.

The Anarkali Suit is a combination of old Mughal culture and modernization in the fashion world of the world.

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