Best face mask and face mask safety tips to prevent corona

Avoiding corona is not just today or tomorrow, but it is important for the long term to come, so know which mask is the best to protect against this deadly virus.

The government has set several standards to avoid coronaviruses. Taking full care of cleanliness, social distancing, etc., but in all these, if you go out at the moment, then wearing a mask is the most important job. The first step to avoid Covid 19 is to get out wearing a face mask. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and many health centers are also making people aware of this. Whenever you go out, do wear a face mask.

Most of you must be wearing face masks while going out, but one more question is arising in the minds of peopleā€¦ after all, which face mask is best for them? Everyone is aware of his health in today’s time and all want to protect themselves from the corona. If you also want to know which mask is the safest, then read further.

Why is Face Mask important for Coronavirus protection?

By now all of you will know that this virus spreads from one person to another. With this, it spreads most dangerously in its initial peak, when the patient himself does not even know that he is suffering from the virus. Therefore, the virus is most likely to spread at this time. This virus is not spread from one to the other, the mask is worn for this. In many research conducted around the world, it has been believed that the use of masks can prevent the spread of this virus.

What kind of face mask is the best?



The mask that comes with the respirator has been considered the safest. These seals are made of tested respirator fibers, which are most effective in filtering the air. However, the respirator present in the mask must meet the standards set forth by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. Certified N95 aspirators can filter up to 95 percent of the particles. N99 Respirators can filter these particles up to 99 percent. N100 respirators can filter these particles up to 99.7 percent. Some of these respirators have valves, which are good for breathing.

Surgical mask

There are many types of surgical masks available in the market. Most surgical masks are for one-time use. If you use a surgical mask, put it in a closed compartment dustbin only after one use. Filtrations are not standardized in these masks, like respirators. Surgical masks can be 10 to 90 percent safe. However, it cannot be said to be as safe as a respirator, but it is still possible to avoid it.

Clothes mask

DIY, that is, the homemade masks themselves, has also been greatly encouraged by the government. However, its effect is slightly reduced to protect against viruses such as corona. This is because the mask made at home has a gap between the nose, cheeks, and jaws and the mask. This puts the risk of small droplets getting into the mask. The quality of homemade masks also depends on which cloth the mask is made from. Although homemade masks are not as effective as medical masks, wearing this mask is a much better option than not wearing a mask. Wearing them properly and making them with good clothes can be quite a defense.

Which material is best for a DIY mask?

Made from 100 percent cotton fabric and made tight with two layers, the mask is perfect for defense. Masks made by folding clothes like bedsheets into several layers are the best. You can make it safer by using filters like homemade masks, coffee filters, paper towels, etc.


Face mask safety tips

– While wearing a face mask, just grab it from the back and wear it. Do not touch the front part of it.

– Keep in mind that after wearing a face mask, there is absolutely no space between your mouth, nose, and jaw and the mask. It should be tight on your ear.

– When you are wearing a mask, avoid touching it.

– Clean / sanitize your mask properly.

– If you have a cloth mask, wash it thoroughly with soapy water after every use and use it again only after drying.

– Keep the mask in a dry place in a paper bag for 2 or more days before wearing it again.

– Before using your respirator and surgical mask again, sanitize it and keep it in a paper bag too. If possible, use it again after 7 days.


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