Wall Piece Which I Made Recently

I like to watch creative items; I like to see related VIDEO photos of them. I watch such VIDEOs on YOUTUBE from time to time. If I like some VIDEO very much, I am trying to make it in my spare time.

I didn’t take much effort for the incident but it took some time to collect all the items for WALL PIECE. I collected the ICECRAME stick. I need 12 sticks for it. But I collected a lot of sticks because if I have to make some other craft, these sticks will also use in it.

I took 12 sticks and then I took woolen thread. I bought a woolen thread from the market.

Then after I need pearls and Coloring Square pearls I found plain white pearls but for coloring pearls, I Visited the nearest Market and Searched a lot in the market. In one shop I found it and after little bargaining I bought it.

Now I started making my craft.

I made two identical WALL PIECE as they were to be placed around the wall and in the middle like a photo frame.

Here the steps how I made it:

1) I first collected six sticks from one of the twelve sticks on one side.

2) Then I glued three vertical sticks and three horizontal sticks.

3) And stick the glue twice because it doesn’t come out.

4) Then I took the wool thread and made eighteen flowers for both small WALL PIECE.

It took me a long time to make ten flowers of pink color and eight flowers of black color.

Here the Steps to make woolen Flower:

  • I took a pencil for the flower, put the thread on the pencil vertically,
  • made the pencil horizontal,
  • rounded it fifteen to sixteen times,
  • then pulled the thread out of the pencil,
  • took out the bar and cut the thread,
  • made two knots at both ends,
  • and widened the horizontal round.
  • now it became a nice flower.

This is the way how I made eighteen flowers.

Eight flowers I made of black and ten flowers I made of pink.

It took a lot of time to make flowers but finally, it became eighteen flowers.

Then I made a pendant under the WALL PIECE.

For both the WALL PIECE I had to make six pendants, two in pink and four in black.

Here how I made Pendants Steps Are:

  • Round the thread ten to twelve times on my four fingers to make the pendant.
  • Then it cut it from one end and
  • tied a thread of the same color on the opposite side
  • and made the threads of the lower side which were above and below the same.
  • Thus four pendants of black color and two pendants of pink color were made

I put six to seven pearls on top of the square pearls I brought from the market.

That’s how I put pearls in every pendant.

All the eighteen flowers I made put white pearls on pink and black.

Now all the items were made and ready, now all that was needed was to join them together.

Now with the help of a glue gun, I apply glue all around the corners of the stick,

The flowers of the black color fixed.
Four in one WALL PIECE and another in the WALL PIECE

By doing this, black pearls were placed in both the WALL PIECE.

Then the remaining space on the inside side was planted with pink flowers.

That is five in one WALL PIECE and five in another WALL PIECE.

Thus a total of ten WALL PIECE Ready.

Now cross these squares WALL PIECE a little and hang them on the bottom three sides.

In between were a pink pendant and a black pendant all around.

The same thing happened with the other WALL PIECE.

In both the WALL PIECE, make an upper side hanger so that the WALL PIECE can be mounted on the wall.

Thus I completed my craft.


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