Advantages and disadvantages of lukewarm water. Lukewarm Water or lukewarm Water Benefits, Side Effects

luke warm water

Advantages and disadvantages of lukewarm water.

Lukewarm Water or lukewarm Water Benefits, Side Effects

Water is life, water is nectar. We cannot even imagine our life without water. Water cures many diseases of our body. Lukewarm water is like an Ayurvedic medicine. Which is beneficial for both health and beauty. We can easily treat minor body diseases at home with lukewarm water. You must have heard from doctors and dieticians that they always advise us to drink lukewarm water after waking up in the morning and before sleeping at night. Our body consists of 70% water, due to lack of water many diseases start emerging. We should drink plenty of water and fulfill the water deficiency of our body. Lukewarm water is such a remedy that we can use whenever we want, wherever we want.

Benefits and side effects of lukewarm water

Along with knowing the benefits of lukewarm water, we will also tell you what is called lukewarm water and what are its disadvantages. For this you will have to read this article till the end.


what is lukewarm water called

Lukewarm water is called lukewarm water. Lightly hot i.e. which we can drink easily. There are many benefits of drinking lukewarm water with lemon and honey every morning on an empty stomach. which is like this –

Lukewarm Water for Health

luke warm water

Helpful in reducing weight

If you want to lose weight, then start with lukewarm water. By taking it, metabolism increases in the body, due to which food does not convert into fat in the body, but gives strength. By drinking it every morning in lukewarm water, your weight will reduce by a few kilos in a few days. Read for the benefits of lemon.

Throat and nose problems

Lukewarm water gives a lot of relief in cold and sore throat. This problem is common during cold days and infection in throat and nose causes pain, you do not need to take medicine for this. Make the water lukewarm and drink it, you will get a lot of relief.

Physical diagnosis

The most important benefit of drinking hot or lukewarm water is the ultimate healing of your body. Whether you are suffering from indigestion or trying to get rid of the impurities in your body, drinking warm water in the morning can help you.

At the time of period

Lukewarm water is a panacea for the monthly problems faced by women. Drinking this provides relief from stomach pain. And you can relieve pain through this without taking any medicine. The hot water heater is also very efficient.

Improve digestive system

For digestion, first of all take lukewarm water only. Lukewarm water strengthens the digestive system. Our stomach remains clean which keeps diseases away. Lukewarm water also relieves the problem of constipation. One should drink lukewarm water after ½ hour of eating, this helps in better absorption of food in the body.

Blood circulation increases

If blood circulation is not proper in the body, many diseases can occur. For this, you should always keep drinking water so that the amount of blood in the body remains correct and its circulation also occurs well.

Toxic elements are removed

We can remove the toxic elements present in the body by drinking hot water. Lukewarm water increases the temperature in the body, after which sweat comes out and through that the toxic elements come out. Apart from this, toxic elements from excess water come out through urine and defecation.

Removes fatigue

If you always feel tired or get tired after doing any work, then you should drink hot water every morning because it increases blood circulation and removes the swelling.

Get rid of constipation

Even if you have constipation and it is very chronic, you should still consume warm water every morning on an empty stomach. This problem will go away.


If you are not feeling hungry for a few days and you are feeling nauseous, then add black pepper, black pepper and lemon syrup in hot water and consume it daily. Your appetite will increase and nausea will start reducing.

Benefits of Lukewarm Water for Skin

Reduce age from face

Lukewarm water removes toxic elements from the body and also improves facial skin. Due to which your aging stops and your face appears clear and healthy. The damaged skin of the face is removed, due to which the face becomes beautiful.

Makes skin healthy

By drinking hot water regularly, you can keep your body hydrated and warm. It is really useful for dry and flaky skin. It is essential in keeping the skin healthy as it improves blood circulation in your body and gives a pink color to the skin.

Eliminates the root causes of infection

By drinking it daily, it removes acne from your skin, eliminates rashes and other skin disorders, and deeply cleanses your skin, eliminating the root causes of infection.

Benefits of Lukewarm Water for Hair

Each hair should contain about 25% water, for this it is important that you consume as much water as possible daily. More information about this is given below.

Strengthen hair

Water has an effect on our entire body, every part of the body is affected by its deficiency and every part blossoms due to its supply. Lukewarm water also enhances the beauty of our hair, they become strong, thick and black. This strengthens the hair roots and also increases growth.

Fights Russian

It keeps your scalp hydrated and helps remove dandruff by fighting dry scalp and dandruff.

Provides strength to the natural life of hair

It is very good to consume hot water to get soft and shiny hair. It activates the nervous system present in your hair. It is beneficial in regaining the natural lifestyle of your hair and keeping it healthy.

Some other benefits (Lukewarm Water Other Benefits)

  • You should drink only lukewarm water after dinner and before sleeping, this will help you sleep better. Your body will get rest, and your stomach will be thoroughly cleaned the next day.
  • Pimples and pimples on the face occur due to lack of water. Drink lukewarm water several times a day and soon the spots and blemishes will disappear from your face. And your face will become brighter and brighter.
  • Drinking lemon and honey mixed in hot water increases the immunity of our body and also reduces weight. Read to know the benefits of honey.
  • Cold water is harmful for the kidneys, we should consume only lukewarm water, this keeps the kidneys healthy and removes all the dirt from them.
  • If you consume lukewarm water, you will never have any problems in future. Hot water is good for bones and joints. Read to know the treatment of arthritis.
  • If someone has breathing problems, he should consume only lukewarm water, because cold water causes problems in the lungs.
  • If you regularly consume lukewarm water, then there is a high possibility of you getting some disease in the future.

Benefits of honey in lukewarm water

  1. Takes care of digestion: Drinking honey while drinking lukewarm water increases the efficiency of your digestion. Besides, it also cleans the stomach. The problem of constipation also goes away. Due to which the stomach remains clean and stomach related diseases also reduce.
  2. Provides relief from throat infection: Drinking honey mixed with lukewarm water kills the bacteria present in your throat. Due to which one gets relief from problems like cold, cough etc. This also cures cold and throat infection.
  3. Helps in reducing weight:- Drinking honey mixed with hot water also helps in reducing weight. To lose weight, most of the people consume it in the morning due to which the weight starts reducing rapidly. People include it in their daily diet.
  4. Skin glows: Drinking honey mixed with lukewarm water removes toxins from the body. Due to which the skin improves. This water removes contaminants from the blood and purifies the blood. Due to which the skin improves. Blood circulation is good.


Disadvantages of honey in lukewarm water

  1. It causes harm to the intestines: Drinking honey in lukewarm water affects the intestines due to which the element called fructose increases in the body. Due to which the problems of small intestines increase. Due to which the intestine’s ability to absorb nutrients gradually reduces.
  2. Increase in the amount of sugar in the blood:- Excessive consumption of honey increases the sugar level of the body due to which you may face many problems. Therefore, before consuming it, you must consult your doctor.
  3. Food poisoning can occur: Consuming it in excess can cause problems like food poisoning. This type of problem is most seen in children.

Benefits of lemon in lukewarm water

  1. Helps in weight loss:- Drinking lemon in lukewarm water helps you in weight loss, it reduces the oil accumulated in your body and increases metabolism. Also weight is controlled.
  2. Skin remains beautiful:- Consuming it daily maintains the glow of your skin because it eliminates the deficiency of Vitamin C in your body. It is considered very healthy for the skin. Therefore it should be consumed daily.
  3. Removes the problem of constipation:- Drinking lemon in hot water removes problems like constipation and also helps in keeping the stomach clean. Lemon and hot water will remove all the stomach related problems you may have.
  4. Keeps the liver healthy:- To keep the liver healthy, it is the most important part of metabolism, hence one must drink lemon water, it cleans the liver. It also restores the energy of the liver.

When to Drink Lukewarm Water

1. morning on empty stomach
2. half an hour after eating
3. before sleeping at night
4. after exercise
5. in winter time
6. arthritis patient


Disadvantages of lukewarm water (Side Effects)

Affects kidneys

Drinking too hot water can cause a lot of trouble to our kidneys, because there is a special kind of capillary system in the kidneys. Which expels more water. Therefore, drinking too much hot water will have a greater impact on the functioning of the kidneys. Due to which the kidneys may face difficulty in functioning normally.

trouble sleeping

Drinking too hot water makes it difficult for you to sleep at night. Besides, urination also occurs frequently. If the water is too hot, it can burn your body parts. Because the more hot water goes inside, the more body tissues will start burning and internal blisters will start forming in the body.

increase in blood volume

Drinking more hot water can increase blood flow in your body. Due to which you may have blood pressure and many other problems.


Veins may swell

There are many people for whom drinking hot water can cause swelling in the nerves of the brain. Therefore, drink hot water only when you feel thirsty.


Today I told you the benefits of lukewarm water. Adopt this from today onwards, you will feel the changes in your body very soon. You will get many benefits from this.



Q: Which problems can be solved by drinking lukewarm water?

Ans: Cold, stomach ache during periods, blood circulation etc.


Q: How many times should you drink lukewarm water a day?

Ans: You must drink hot water three times out of three.


Q: How should lukewarm water be drunk?

Ans: Drink warm water on an empty stomach by adding lemon to it, which will supply vitamins to your body.


Q: What are the disadvantages of drinking lukewarm water?

Ans: Affects kidneys, problems in sleeping, increase in blood volume etc.


Q: Should I drink lukewarm water after waking up in the morning?

Ans: Yes, it eliminates toxic substances from your body.

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